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2005-08-15 - 5:53 p.m.

For a woman's heart is as fragile as a man's ego.


Oh, how this sucks!

I was doing the innerthigh work at my aerobics class, and i felt the pop and burn in my left hip. OUCH! Knowing that that feeling means a tendon, I stopped and relaxed. The discomfort went away.
That was Wednesday morning.

By Thursday morning, I was in a bit of pain. Like a pinching going on in my hip, and my leg kept going numb. Almost paralized.

Thursday evening I taught my classes as usual, taking it a little easy on it. but I noticed that if I tried to lift my heals off the floor in releve, my left ankle felt soft and gave little to know support. Twice during class I felt it roll out, so I stopped dancing all together for the last bit of class.

I was getting ready to leave, when I went to step forward, and my ankle was like jelly. It just buckled, and I went down on the concrete floor. I now not only have a pulled hip, but I have a very bruised knee on the other leg. I also have a light sprain that is swollen and unhappy on the left. I don't know which way to hobble.

On a good note, timing is everything, and I don't have classes for 3 weeks. I will be fine.


In other news, Derrick and I are looking for a house. I may finally get to move out of the lttle crappy house on the corner... woohoo!

keep well, everyone.

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